Business Process Management

Business Process - “A sequence of related, structured activities that produce a service or product that meet the needs of clients”.

We use Business Process Management techniques to help you continuously improve your business processes, and to maximise the benefit from your existing business systems.  We can help you in the following areas:

Process Design - including both the analysis of existing processes and the design of "to-be" processes.  Areas of focus include the process flow, the actors within it, alerts & notifications and escalations.

Process Modelling - taking a theoretical process design and running "what-if” analyses on it, investigating the effect of varying the inputs (for example, changes in the cost of materials or increased rent) to determine how the process would operate under different circumstances.

Execution - applying technology to improve your processes.  Some of the ways in which processes can be automated are:

  • Use an integration platform to link two of more applications together, automating the transfer of data between them
  • Develop or purchase an application that executes some or all process steps that are required
  • Implement a workflow system to support a process that requires a combination of software and human actors
  • Use a rules engine or business process management application (BPM suite) to control, manage and maintain processes and their execution.

Process Monitoring - tracking the execution of processes so that information on their state can be collected and statistics on the performance of the processes can be reported.  This allows tuning and optimisation of the processes over time.

Process Optimization - using information from the modeling and monitoring phases to identify process bottlenecks, and to investigate opportunities for process tuning and optimization.  This can lead to cost savings or other improvements.