MB Century Case

About MB Century

MB Century is a provider of oil, gas and geothermal drilling services, with a comprehensive fleet of drilling rigs in the Asia Pacific Region. Specializing in geothermal field development, MB Century provides services that include well logging to customers in the Asia Pacific Region. In 2008 MB Century started a project to update their well logging platforms. MB Century engaged Sisu Limited to provide the expertise and experience to develop a custom software solution. The results of this project will support and help grow MB Century’s geothermal drilling and logging operations.


Streamlining of logging process:
  • Platform/application consolidation to a single application. The existing solution required three separate applications to be used for the end-to-end logging process.
  • Enable faster delivery of accurate logging results to end customers.  The existing solution required return to base for post processing of logging data, before it could be sent to the client.
Increasing the functionality of the solution:
  • Improve real-time monitoring and viewing of the data, including flexible configuration of charting, data viewing and management of calibration data.
Increase the operational safety of logging process:
  • Implement flexible alarm functionality to warn operators of potentially hazardous situations.


Sisu Ltd was selected to deliver the purpose built software solution to incorporate all desired functionality. The solution included real time graphing, flexible warning alarm system, as well as runtime modification of calibration. The solution was designed in cooperation with MB Century staff, who built the hardware part of the logging solution.

Business Success

The result of this project was a successful well logging solution that resolved all aforementioned challenges and replaced the existing legacy solutions. This state-of-the art solution streamlines MB Century’s well logging process, allowing MB Century to exceed customers’ expectations and provide a system that is more advanced than that of their competitors. The single custom-built application replaces three separate applications in the previous system, and provides MB Century the following benefits:

  • Improved ease of use, with lower training requirements - a single application now provides the features that previously required three different applications.
  • Better tailored to customer needs – the real time view of data and the ability to re-configure calibration whilst logging enables a more accurate and faster logging operation.
  • Faster response – the MB Century field engineer can now provide the logging data in the preferred customer-defined custom format for the customer to take away immediately after the logging run. (In most cases post processing of data that was previously carried out at the MB Century office, can now be done at the well site). This can allow the customer to make decisions in a timelier manner than previously possible, saving valuable rig time.
  • A safer work environment – flexible configuration of alarms means that the logging platform can warn the operator when a potentially dangerous situation arises.
  • Lower license fees – minimized dependence on expensive third-party applications previously used in post processing.
  • Single modern technology platform, replacing a mixture of older technologies. The application is built in Java and gives good performance whilst allowing for ongoing maintenance and flexibility for future enhancements. Extensive use is made of open source libraries. This helps to minimise ongoing maintenance costs, whilst providing a flexible and powerful base for future development.

Sisu worked in close cooperation with the MB Century staff that developed the hardware components of the solution. Good communication and a cooperative attitude ensured that the project ran smoothly and allowed the two teams to deliver on time, whilst ensuring that the final result is ideally suited to its intended task.

MB Century is well pleased with the solution.

Based on our experience with the current project, we look forward to using Sisu for some upcoming projects in the near future” says Richard Williams, Field Engineer, MB Century.