SAP E-Commerce

SAP E-Commerce is a fully SAP ERP and CRM integrated web channel offering from SAP.

The out-of-the-box version of this offering does generally not meet the expectations of today's customers.

To this end Sisu is offering a range of services and pre-built components to help SAP E-Commerce customers with various aspects of the SAP web channel:

  • Social integration of E-Commerce with big brand social media sites (facebook, youtube, twitter, etc)
  • Modernization of web shop interface (styling, graphics, AJAX and HTML 5 compatibility)
  • Mobile compatibility (mobile html, apps for various platforms (Android, Iphone, Ipad, etc)
  • Performance improvements of webshop
  • CRM pricing development and reviews (formerly known as IPC)
  • Content Management System (CMS) integration with various platforms
  • SAP CRM consulting and development through partner network
  • Developer training to allow in-house devs become productive in real-life use of the e-commerce solution
  • On-going or ad-hoc support for existing installations
  • QA for existing development
You can find some blogs on from us and below you can find a "how-to" guide to run a lightweight local development environment that will make you stunningly productive when compared to the standard SAP tools.

SAP E-Commerce development with open source tools

The information below is linked to from our blog 


Please read the blog entry before downloading the material below as it will give some general information which we have chosen not to yet repeat on this page. 


You can find the instructions on how to port SAP E-Commerce to open source in the document below. 

 SAP E-Commerce on open source how to guide


The compressed archive below contains the Eclipse workspace which is referenced in the how to document above.

 Eclipse workspace


Note: The workspace and instructions are mostly used against E-Commerce 7.0 over SAP CRM,

but have evolved from CRM 4.0 and ECC 5.0 versions so with some modifications you should be able to get yourself up and running in almost any CRM / ECC and version combination. 


Feel free to ask us questions and post comments below, however we have only limited time to assist outside our day to day commercial engagements.


Further reading

You can find SAP E-Commerce related blogs from us on with some random tips & tricks you might find useful. 

Thibaut Colar has further instructions on with details for how to run this on Tomcat, Linux, support Java baskets, etc.